Below are perusal scores for some of my works. Please note, only the first 1-2 pages of each score are present.

Solos (with/out electronics)

Exile - for Harp

Fantasia - for Clarinet

Ricochet Orbit - for Soprano Sax or Bb Clarinet and fixed-media
Soprano Sax - full score
Bb Clarinet - full score

Redact - for Marimba

Scan - for multipercussion
Study Score
Performance Score - *Note* This part is formatted for 11X14 paper.

Small Ensembles (with/out electronics)

Calle Guerrero Viejo - for Flute, Violin, Cello, and Percussin

Cascarones - for Flute, Bb and Bass Clarinet, Piano, Violin, Cello, and fixed-media

Mazed Bedlam - for String Quartet and fixed-media

Posada - for String Quartet

Sundog - for Tenor and Bari Sax duo

Shift - for Guitar trio or an ensemble in groups of three

Tarjeta #4 - for Four-handed Piano and percussion

Large Ensembles

Deloy Ges - for Orchestra