Posada Program Notes:

Directly translated, Posada means “Inn or Lodging.” However, in Mexican culture, Las Posadas is a traditional Christmas celebration that consists of the holy family’s search for lodging.

As a child, I attended several Las Posadas that were held in my hometown on the Texas/Mexico border. The atmosphere was always friendly and festive, and these celebrations typically consisted of a procession that would follow a meandering path through the downtown area and would end at one of the local city parks.

This imagery returned as I watched the pro-immigration rallies held in the downtown area of Austin, Texas, during the spring of 2006. I found a strong connection between this desire for citizenship expressed by the marchers and my own experiences of participating in Las Posadas celebrations during my youth. I was also struck by how the immigration marches resembled the peaceful and joyous celebratory mood of the Posadas. It is this imagery that I hope to capture in this work.